Forms of Treatment

We’re passionate about helping you sleep better. We have deep industry expertise and the empathetic understanding needed to help our clients find the perfect solution that allows them to get a better night’s sleep. Our sleep specialists are committed to find the right treatment by closely collaborating with you and your physician.

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience, beginning with a sleep therapy solution that works for you today and progresses as your treatment journey evolves.

CPAP Machines

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and, as the names states, delivers a constant stream of air to the person, allowing them to get the air they need to sleep through the night an enjoy a peaceful night’s slumber. The CPAP machine consists of a motorized console and a mask. The console draws air from the room and pressurizes, filters and humidifies it, to deliver, warm moist air through the mask, which usually covers your nose and mouth (there are also nasal masks, which cover the nose only).

CPAP masks have an exhalation port that allows some air to escape. This allows you to expel carbon dioxide and keep the air in your mask fresh. The box records various data during the night, including how many apnea episodes you had that cause you to awaken, hours of use and how well your mask fits, so that adjustments can be made to get the best possible treatment

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AutoPAP Machines

The AutoPAP machine (APAP) differs from the CPAP machine in one important way. While the CPAP delivers air at a constant pressure, the APAP adjusts the air pressure based on the individual’s changing needs throughout the night.

For this reason, many people find the APAP more comfortable and are able to get a better night’s sleep.


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BiPAP Machines

BiPAP machines are similar to both CPAP and APAP machines. The main difference here is that BiPAP machines, as the name implies, have two distinct pressure settings – one for inhalation and one for exhalation. You may have difficulty exhaling over the constant pressure of a CPAP machine. So the BiPAP reduces the level of pressure when a person you’re exhaling.

BiPAP devices work similarly to a ventilator, and are therefore, often prescribed for patients with medical complex conditions. If you are living with COPD, Parkinson’s, or other condition affecting your breathing, the BiPAP may be the solution that works best for you. If you are diagnosed with central sleep apnea this may also be the right fit for you.


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The mask is arguably the most important part of your CPAP experience. You need a comfortable fit and a tight seal to ensure that you’re getting the full benefit from your device. Today’s masks are more comfortable than ever and custom fitted to user’s faces, allowing for a relaxed, peaceful and healthy night of sleep. Understandably, many people experience discomfort, inconvenience and even claustrophobia while wearing the mask. It’s imperative to find a healthcare provider who can help ensure you get the right fit. There are three types of masks – one of them is likely the perfect one for you.

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