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Screen Yourself
Talk To Your Doctor
Take The Sleep Test
Results Sent To You & Your Doctor

  Step 1

Screen Yourself

Better sleep begins by taking our online Epworth Sleep Exam. It takes less than 3 min with the results sent to you and your doctor.

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  Step 2

Talk To Your Doctor

A Home Sleep Test must be ordered by your doctor or dentist. Completed online screenings are saved as a PDF or emailed directly from our...

Talk To Your Doctor | Home Sleep Delivered

  Step 3

Take The Sleep Test

The test delivered to your home will contain an easy-to-use small wearable while sleeping for two nights. The following morning, return the test to us...

  Step 4

Results Sent To You & Your Doctor

The data from your Home Sleep Delivered wearable device is interpreted by a boarded sleep physician. The results are provided to your doctor for recommendation...

Step 2: Talk To Your Sleep Doctor | Home Sleep Delivered

At Home vs In-Lab

Taking your sleep test at home is more comfortable, convenient and less expensive than taking a sleep test in a lab setting. For people who live in remote or rural areas or for those who are homebound due to injury or illness, a home sleep test may be the only viable option to getting the help they need.

The home test is easy to administer and you can get your results more quickly and get started with treatment sooner. Home sleep testing has revolutionized the way people get diagnosed with sleep apnea. Get started on your journey towards wellness today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which CPAP Mask Is Right For Me?

Unfortunately, there’s no universal continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) mask that’s right for every person with sleep apnea. That’s ...


What are treatment options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

What are treatment options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor ...


From Happy Sleepers...

" I'm thankful I was able to test at home, I've done so many lab tests, this is way more comfortable."

Djuana Simpson

“The HSD team was so friendly and responsive. I should’ve called them years ago!”

Jon Cavanaugh, SMITH

CDL Sleep Apnea Testing | Home Sleep Delivered

“I have been extremely pleased in the service and convenience for the drivers in completing OSA screening…”    

Mark Mouty, SA, PA-C, National Trucking Company

Symptoms & Risks

Do you wake up tired or with headaches? Are you uncertain which symptoms are tied to sleep apnea?

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Sleepiness Screening

The results of your online screening are sent to your physician for your in person consultation & referral.

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