Why do over 80% of patients prefer a home sleep test to an in-lab test?

Home Testing VS Lab Testing

Which Would Your Prefer?

Home sleep test through Home Sleep Delivered Sleep Lab
Comfort Most people are more comfortable in their own bed and with just a sensor on the finger, nose cannula and belt around the chest Patient in an unfamiliar bed, covered with electrodes. Normal sleep pattern is difficult to emulate.
Cost About $350 $2,000-$5,000
Convenience Stay at home and be diagnosed, treated and on therapy usually in under 2 weeks Could take months depending on schedule of patient and lab

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How reliable is home sleep testing technology?

Technology for home sleep testing has been available for over twenty years. It has been effectively utilized in Europe, Canada, and Australia to substantially lower healthcare costs. Technological improvements in the last several years have made it simpler and more reliable. For example, set up procedures have never been easier and sampling rates on oximetry channels have never been faster. To access more information on home sleep technology, please refer to theĀ American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

How quickly will I get my results?

Upon receiving the HST unit, Home Sleep Delivered will download the data, provide the data to a boarded sleep physician for interpretation, and send results to your ordering doctor. Upon patient request, results can be sent to you as well. This process typically takes 5 days to complete.