Home Sleep Testing That is Simple, Fast & Effective

Your patients can be tested for Sleep Apnea in the comfort of their own bed through Home Sleep Delivered (HSD), an accredited provider. Patients can receive equally accurate results more quickly than scheduling an in-lab sleep study at around 10% the cost.


We Designed A Simple Process

  1. Physician places order
  • Physician suspects sleep apnea
  • Physician faxes order to VieMed
  1. We process order & contact patient
  • Insurance verification
  • Patient orientation
  1. Patient undergoes Home Sleep Test
  • Patient receives Home Sleep Test via FedEx on agreed upon date
  • Patient follows instructions on DVD and 24-hour support available
  1. Patient returns test to HSD using pre-paid shipping label
  1. Test is scored and interpreted
  • Registered Polysomnographic Technologist scores the test
  • Boarded Sleep Physician interprets data and determines treatment
  1. Sleep Study Report faxed to referring Physician
  • 3 page report including AHI, diagnosis, hypnograph and treatment recommendations.

Download our Home Sleep Test Order Form

Doctors can complete and fax the Home Sleep Delivered order form to begin the sleep study process. We’ll submit results to you once they’re obtained by a boarded sleep physician.