What to Expect

Some patients notice immediate improvements after starting PAP treatment, such as better sleep quality, reduction or elimination of snoring and less daytime sleepiness. Equally important are the long-term benefits that you may not notice, such as helping to prevent or control high blood pressure, lowering your risk for stroke and improving memory and other cognitive functions.

For the treatment to work, you should use your PAP machine every time you sleep at home, while traveling and during naps. Getting used to using your PAP machine can take time and requires patience. You may have to work with your sleep doctor or medical equipment provider adjust your pressure setting and find the most comfortable mask that works best for you.

Our Home Sleep Guarantee

Home Sleep Delivered is committed to providing high quality products and services with unparalleled customer service throughout your treatment journey. Our goal is to be your trusted provider for home sleep testing and sleep therapy devices and supplies, as well as your go-to resource for sleep wellness information.

Backed by our years of industry experience and expertise, our sleep specialists are ready to help you find the treatment therapy that best suits your unique needs. We work with you and your prescribing doctor to understand your treatment plan and evaluate your breathing patterns to help you choose from our comprehensive line of machines and masks. Home Sleep Delivered offers patients customized support to review your progress and assist you with any areas that may need improvement throughout your treatment journey. Our goal is to ensure you receive the most effective and comfortable sleep therapy treatment possible.

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